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Among the many forms of football betting, card betting handicaps are quite popular due to their excitement, simplicity, and the high odds offered by I believe this type of bet is very suitable for newcomers because it does not involve too many complex choices.

In the following article, we will clarify this type of bet so that you can understand it better and also have an additional effective way to make money.

What is a Card Betting Handicap?
Card betting is a form of football betting where you predict the number of yellow and red cards that might be issued in a match. Of course, if you win, you can earn a substantial amount of money.

This type of bet is known in English as Over/Under Card betting. Gamblers particularly enjoy choosing this type of bet, especially in matches with significant importance.

If you play this type of bet, it means you are best winning prediction app download the total number of yellow and red cards that the referee will issue during either the first half or the entire match for both teams.

The bookmaker will set the odds and offer various odds, and your job is simply to choose which type suits you best, place your bet, and wait for the results.

Today's List of Card Betting Handicaps
Basic Forms of Card Betting

You might not know this, but there are many different ways and forms of card betting.

Be sure to understand them thoroughly to avoid any unfortunate mistakes.

Yellow card betting in the first half.

Red card betting in the first half.

Yellow card betting for the entire match.

Red card betting for the entire match.

First card betting.

Last card betting.

Over/Under yellow/red cards for the entire match.

Over/Under yellow and red cards in the first half.

Odd/Even card betting for the entire match or the first half.

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How to Read Card Betting Odds

To make it easier for you to understand this form of football betting, you need to grasp the basic ways to read the odds. This will help you choose the right bets for yourself.

In card handicap betting, the favored team (the upper hand) will give a handicap to the underdog team, and the odds will be provided by the bookmaker.

Depending on whether you bet on the first half (HT) or the full match (FT), the odds will vary. You can even place bets while the match is ongoing:

Yellow card: 1 point.

Red card: 2 points.

At the end of the first half or the full match, the points will be calculated to determine the payout for the winning bets.


If Team A receives 3 yellow cards, they will have 3 points.

If Team B receives 1 red card, they will have 2 points (if a player receives two yellow cards, which turn into a red card, the points would be 4: 2 points for the red card and 2 points for the yellow cards).

Important Notes for Card Betting

To avoid confusion, here are some key points to remember when betting on yellow and red cards:

The time considered is the official playing time plus injury time.

Only yellow and red cards given to players actively on the field are counted.

The maximum number of cards for a single player is 3.

The cards must be issued by the referee.

Extra time is not counted for card betting.

Some Effective Tips for Betting on Card Handicaps for Beginners
Although everyone has different methods for and predicting bets, there are still some basic rules to follow to make accurate predictions. Here are some tips for accurately predicting yellow and red card bets that you should remember and apply in your matches.

Choosing the Match

Choose major matches with well-known teams because they offer more advantages. Specifically, you will find much more information related to these matches compared to choosing a less-known, smaller league.

Nature of the Match

Remember that in important matches, the likelihood of fouls on both sides is very high. This means the number of cards issued could be large, so you should consider betting on the "over" in these situations.

Be Careful with High Odds

The higher the odds offered by the bookmaker, the more challenging that bet will be. Lower odds generally indicate a higher chance of winning.

Cash Out to Minimize Losses

It is best to closely monitor the match and the bookmaker's odds to effectively cash out if needed. If your predictions are not going as expected, you can consider cashing out to recover some of your stake. This is certainly better than losing everything, right?

Choose the Right Bet

With so many different betting options available, you should select the one that is most favorable. Don’t just focus on the potential payout; consider which bets are easier to predict and have more reliable information backing them up.

So, has introduced card betting and the basic knowledge for making easy predictions and calculating bets. By applying these useful tips, you will definitely be well-equipped to catch and profit from the bookmaker. Good luck, and consider combining these strategies with double chance bets, correct score bets, and others to maximize your earnings effectively.

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